We are skaters of the first generation of Benicàssim. We make this website so people know what the Skateboard is and know different types of Skateparks.

And we do the collection of signatures because the City of Benicàssim is very hostile to the culture of the Skate, and we believe that with 26 million euros per year of public budget that has this municipality [Source 1 + Source 2], young people deserve to have a Skatepark suitable for this Olympic and world sport.

We are currently in the process of legalizing the Benicàssim Sports Club and joining the Skate Federation and the Association of Clubs and Association of Skateboarding (ACAS) whose website is Monopatin.org. And the Goliat Rats are skaters of the first skatepark in Castellón, in the area of ​​Goliath, back in 1989, 
we do not represent any company and no political party, only our passion for skating.

We skated when the train was still passing by what is now Paseo Pérez Bayer and we skated on the banks of the station, those white squares that, waxed, glided very much.

We were skating in the Eurosol area where the stores are, because there are ramps, stairs and railings. In summer and in winter it was a fantastic spot for practicing our sport, but especially in winter because there were not just people.

We also went to Centrocasim, along the beach, where there were some recreational and we met there. Then we would do a marathon skating from Eurosol to the town making a stop at every interesting spot we saw. Sometimes we used Eurosol minigolf to skate for a while on those ramps.

We even skated long before they created the promenade on the beach of Heliopolis, in front of Tasca El Pollo, and the road (which used to have two senses) ended up as a dune in the sand of the beach and it was a delight to jump from Ollies and fall into the sand. Impossible to injure herself, the fall was soft and muffled. Sometimes we would remove the axles and wheels from the boards, and throw ourselves on those dunes created between the road and the sand of the beach, and we would slide like snowboarding, it was a lot of fun.

We were skating inside the Chapel of Carmen, on Calle Pobla Tornesa, and we went in when there was no mass, and also in the streets around the high curbs that there were hardly any cars or neighbors.

We skated on the velodrome of the sports center, and in a few minutes an official was coming to tell us that we could not skate because it was an exclusive area for bikes. And we were disappointed.

We skated in Torreon before they did the Paseo, where there were stairs that ended in the sand next to the Sarao bar, and we got together a lot of people talking about skateboarding, sharing the 360 ​​Spanish magazine, the Transworld Skateboarding and videos Of a time previous to the popularization of Internet in the houses). It was a pass that spot, doing grabs and falling in the sand, learning new tricks without danger of injury.

We are skaters who always dreamed of having a good skatepark and the City Council mounted some noisy modules and of poor quality riding them through the area of ​​Plaza Estación in two places, where before there were basketball courts (which is now parquing in Paseo Perez Bayer) and Later behind the current "Moll of the Raïm" and with asphalt car floor, imagine the wounds that you did if you fell to the ground. And there was only 1 module, a painful quarter.

We are skaters who, as we approach the age of 40, some pass it, and continues to excite us all the disciplines of Skate, and Punk rock music and Hip Hop, and Surf in our beaches in all disciplines, and we Continues to motivate the whole culture that this entails and is so fashionable in the malls, because today almost everyone seems to be skater with DC shirts or VANS shoes or aesthetics half surfer.

And is that skateboarding is a culture that transcends in all countries and generations, how is it possible that a City Hall in a tourist resort does not have a decent Skatepark?


* https://www.facebook.com/ACASkateboarding
* https://www.monopatin.org

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