We want to skate with decent conditions. This sport is already an Olympic sport and requires adequate facilities.

We want citizens to know that the Beninese skaters have to spend money on transport in order to be able to skate to Valencia, Peñíscola, Sagunto, Vila-real, as we do not have a suitable and suitable place for the practice of this sport.

We want citizens to see that here in our town there are good skaters that are known in many cities but can not be developed as athletes in Benicàssim, one of the richest villages in the Valencian Community and yet a town with a city council indifferent in what Relative to the Skate.

We want citizens to know that there are many skaters, tourists in the FIB and Rototom who can not skate because we do not have facilities.

We want the City of Benicàssim to understand that having the right Skatepark can organize national or international competitions easily, given the claim and the characteristics that Benicàssim has.

We want the City of Benicàssim to understand that the Skate has its own musical culture, and having a Skatepark in conditions can automatically lead to the management and organization of music events about Skate and Surf.

We want the City Council of Benicàssim to understand that a suitable Skatepark would generate the opportunity to organize skating rides and regular skate courses throughout the year, not only during the summer period. This installation would generate an influx of skaters all year round, favoring the town of Benicàssim.

We want the City of Benicàssim to understand that the Skate generates jobs (professional skaters, sponsors, video, photography, T-shirts, skateboard, etc.).

We want the City of Benicàssim to understand that a skatepark is a community, it is a sport with very positive characteristics for youth: self-control, discipline, effort, respect and sacrifice, it is a multiracial, multilingual world sports practice where skaters feel part Of a community for sharing this passion. And above all it is a sport where there are no opponents as in other gregarious sports where fans can get insults like, for example, in football.

We want the children of Benicàssim to have the opportunity to be skaters from an early age, and do not settle for watching it on TV or playing video games.

We want that, once there is a skatepark in Benicàssim, we can relate to schools and institutes and join activities with children and adolescents related to the Skate. Because we know that whenever there is a skatepark and next to a park supposedly for children with sprung toys, children are always more attracted to the skatepark.

We want Benicàssim to have a sports tourism and not just related to the party / alcohol.

We want Benicàssim to promote the Skate (and all its disciplines: street, mini ramp, bowl, longboard, freestyle, etc.) and, almost directly, Surf, since we have the same geographical and environmental conditions as the cradle from where These two cultures were born: CALIFORNIA.

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